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Ugly Child

by Daniel ML

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She's running around upon the rooftop, Running from her imaginary dreams, Crying from hallucinated horrors, Everything just isn't what it seems to be. And I say, "Where you goin' now? Hey lady! Where you goin' now? Where you goin' now? Where you goin' now?" She's got a plastic chair in her arms, I guess she thinks it will keep her safe from any harm, She bangs upon my window from the rooftop, Making sure there's one, just one, way down, And I say, "Where you goin now? Hey lady! Where you goin now? Where you goin now? Where you goin now?" --speeding away-- --she flies down the rooftop-- --speeding away-- --faster and faster to the ground-- --it's a long way down-- it's a long way down..
Since you've been gone I have missed you so, Since you've been far far away, It seems every night that I sleep, I dream of you. You make me dream. And every morning I wake up, And miss you beside me in bed, The ache in my heart just mixes with, The ache in my head. You make me dream. I pray that you make it at college, I pray that they'll all see you smile, 'Cause Lord knows it's beauty when your face, Is like that for awhile. You make me dream. (You make me dream of summer.) (You make me dream of snow.) (Long walks and drives down country lanes and roads) (You even make me dream I'm whole.) You make me dream..
Fire 02:18
You, Light me, On fire, With, Your, Eyes, |oh, with your eyes, you light me on fire| I, Can't, Ask why, You, Are, Here, |you light me on fire| Spin, Me, Around, Stop, Drop, And Roll, On the ground |you light me on fire|
Unwavering 02:31
Unwavering, She offered us a smile, Unbeguiling, She cared about our lives, Unwittingly, She helped us climb so high, Unwavering, Unwavering, --And we sat and talked about the things that made you sad, --And we sat and talked about the things, everything, --We had. Futures come, And pasts will go, Where we'll end up, Where the picture show, Will stop, I don't know, I don't know. Unencumbered, By thoughts of pride, Undaunted, She came and took our hands, And Unwavering , She smiled, And Unwavering, She smiled. and unwavering you smiled..
If you're going north on the river take me to the promised land If you're followin Heaven up yonder take oh take me by the hand Heaven waits for those who seek it by the light of stars above I'm a goin' north on the Jordan to a land of golden sun
Blacklight Baby, Cries for her mommy, Ultraviolet screams, "Here I am, come look at me!" Blacklight Baby, Ignores little Tommy, 'Cause her daddy's the only boy, That matters to her. Blacklight Baby come and play with me, I am a strobe light, c'mon let's make a party Blacklight Baby makes everything alright. Moonbeam Child, Go dance on a beach side, Scatter and amass a thousand, Twinkling eyes tonight, Strobelight boy is a, Is a fireside chatter, Blacklight Baby sits, And listens real nice. Blacklight Baby come and play with me, I am a strobe light, c'mon let's make a party, Blacklight Baby makes everything, everything, alright..
Pixie Girl 03:10
Bathing her hair In light Waiting 'till it feels just right Sunflower dreams in her mind Sunflower petals in her eyes. Bathing her face in the sun Burying her face in her hands Crying for this man. (this man who ran, this man who ran away) Pixie Girl fly away, Spread your wings and fly up to the sky, Pixie Girl fly to me I'm waiting for you. I sit and watch her cry She hugs me so tight Kissing me softly like this man. (this man who ran, this man who ran away) (that's all I ever am to her)..
They that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength They shall mount up on wings as eagles They shall run and not grow weary They shall and not faint Teach me Lord, teach me Lord to wait
Alright 04:10
Father Dear, don't come near, I'm sleeping. Mother, Child, and Parent Mild, Are weeping. And all the little girls cry, And all the little boys hold them, Hold them tight, With all their might, It's alright, It's alright. The bridge was high, the water's low, It's keeping (me entranced). Angel on, the sidewalk sends, A greeting. It was a beautiful morning, It's a beautiful night (yeah). Pretty night, and cold despite, It's alright, It's alright. Walking home, the path alone, And keeping (my pace). Father time, can't spare a dime, For sleeping. What a terrible person, What an ugly Child! (OH!). Ugly Child, So mean and wild, But he's alright, He's alright. Through shop windows, glass plate eyes, are peeping. In the eyes, the storms arise, They're seeping (down my face). And how are they so lucky? And why's there life so grand? Life's so grand, It's been my stand, It's alright, It's alright..


released January 6, 2001


all rights reserved



Daniel ML Grand Rapids, Michigan

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